Operations Manager

At DLC Technology, Shannon Merkhofer is the driving force behind our customer support team and the company’s daily operations. With over 20 years of expertise in operational management, she brings a wealth of experience in team leadership, problem-solving, and process optimization. Shannon’s track record speaks volumes—she has consistently enhanced on-time delivery rates and propelled teams to achieve record sales, showcasing her exceptional professional acumen.

Prior to joining DLC, Shannon held pivotal corporate leadership roles where she spearheaded significant improvements in operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Her academic background, including a bachelor’s degree from Rowan University, further complements her extensive professional journey.

In her capacity as the Operations Manager for DLC Technology, Shannon’s profound understanding of complex operations and her adeptness in implementing quality management systems are instrumental in elevating our services to new heights. By leveraging her expertise, Shannon ensures that our company operates at peak efficiency and strategic alignment, guaranteeing that we deliver nothing short of top-tier services to our valued clients.