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Services Overview

Our Advanced IT Management Solution is a Customized Service System for your business.

Based on what makes your business profitable we tailor a solution package to your exact needs. The goal is to create a complete Managed IT Solution that takes the IT burdens off your shoulders.

The Advanced IT Management Solution pulls from our vast portfolio of services to create the exact mix that ensures your company achieves its goals. Some key ingredients are:

Click through the various areas of our website to see some of our more popular services and solutions. These are not a comprehensive list, but they serve as a sample of our enhanced capabilities.

If you happen to be in a regulated industry, such as healthcare, be sure to review our section on HIPAA compliance for an illustration of how we go beyond just the technology; working to achieve complete regulatory compliance.

DLC Services Overview
Executive Technology Management (Virtual CIO)

Executive Management Services allow DLC Technology to become your Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer). The role of the vCIO typically includes:

Conducting Periodic business reviews

  • Ensure technology will continue to support business initiatives
  • Analyze/evaluate workflow
  • Anticipate expenditures
  • Identify risks

Ongoing Management Assistance

  • Annual budgeting input
  • Vendor Invoice/Bill reviews
  • Vendor contract management and negotiation support
  • Comprehensive vendor management

Technology advisory services

  • Emerging technologies
  • Product evaluations
  • Workflow analysis
  • Solutions design and architecture
  • Cost/Benefit analysis
Virtual CIO
Operational and Project Services

Proactive Support

  • 24 x 7 Automated Monitoring and Management
  • Managed systems updates and patching
  • Health and log reviews
  • Unlimited remote and on-site support
  • In-house, U.S. based support center

Cloud and Cloud Hybrid Solutions

  • Secure cloud file sharing
  • Cloud file servers, storage, and virtual desktops
  • Microsoft Azure and Co-location management/support
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange

Server Solutions

  • Server design, installation, and maintenance
  • 24 x 7 server monitoring and support
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, AIX, and OS/400
  • SQL, including MS-SQL, MySQL, and more

Website Services

  • Website design and development
  • Website hosting
  • Web application firewall

Structured Cabling

  • Structured cabling system design and implementation for copper and fiber data, voice, and video networks

Telecommunications / Telephone Systems / Internet Access (ISP)

  • Vendor Management (for voice/phone lines, Internet circuits, and direct point-to-point connectivity over WAN or MAN)
  • Manage ISP contracts and relationships for maximum value
  • Multi-vendor redundancy solutions
  • Bill Analysis
  • Cost/benefit analysis and Vendor Price Comparisons
  • Installation, migration, and on-going management of vendor solutions

Wireless Network

  • Wireless Network Design and Installation
  • Centralized Management
  • Guest Network / Hotspots

Core Network

  • Logical and Physical network design and installation
  • Prioritization for voice, video, diagnostics, and other critical network traffic
DLC Services Overview
Security Services

DLC Technology continually evaluates and augments its services to achieve the best balance of security and usability in a customer’s environment. Below is a sample of our most desired security services.

Layered Security Approach

  • Integrated Layers for advanced protection of network assets
  • Perimeter: firewall and network security management
  • Network: intrusion awareness and automated response
  • Device: advanced anti-virus/anti-malware and real-time behavior detection, full time encryption solutions, and peripheral access controls
  • Mobile device management
  • Automated lockdown of infected devices
  • Automated remediation of common infections
  • Website access control
  • Email anti-spam, anti-virus, and encryption solution
  • Data loss prevention
  • Log file capture and analysis
  • Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM)
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) analysis of SIEM events

Device Disposal

  • Secure erase
  • Mechanical destruction
  • Eco-friendly disposal solutions

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Hourly backup of all critical servers and workstations
  • Offsite backups daily
  • All backups are encrypted
  • Daily automated restore tests
  • Resume operations after most failures within 30 minutes
  • Resume operations within 4 hours after a total disaster

Clustering and Redundancy

  • Clustered firewalls
  • Clustered and automatic failover server solutions
  • Diverse and replicated Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions
  • Backup Power, including multi-sourced power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Multi-Vendor / pathway Internet and WAN access solutions

Security Compliance Package

  • Security compliance portal
  • Risk Self-Assessment toolkit
  • Prewritten policy templates
  • Disaster Planning templates
  • Remediation planning
  • Training for end-users / employees through online courses, videos, and newsletters
  • Online compliance quiz
  • Dark Web password checks
  • Email anti-phish training and testing
DLC Services Overview
HIPAA and Regulatory Compliance Solutions

DLC Technology provides every service you will need to start and manage a successful internal compliance program:

1. Thorough Risk Assessment

  • Performed annually with your staff.s assistance complete a risk assessment and remediation plan.
  • Includes threat analysis and risk determination
  • Satisfies a core requirement for meaningful use

2. HIPAA Security Training

  • Training for employees thorough online videos
  • Online compliance testing
  • Retrain on an annual basis
  • Built-in compliance reports

3. HIPAA Policies and Procedures

  • Employee access to policies and procedures
  • Videos explaining policies
  • Prewritten policy templates

4. HIPAA Compliance Portal

Centralized access to critical HIPAA documents, including:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Incident response
  • Business Associates
  • Disaster plans
DLC Services Overview
Technology Architecture and Engineering

It is critical to get your technology right the first time. DLC Technology works with contractors, business owners and architects to ensure the technology infrastructure is designed and implemented correctly - eliminating issues not only on move-in day, but also years down the line. Our services include:

Integrate with the architects during the design phase

Ensure proper pathways and spaces for technology

Data Center / Server Room / IT Room design

Structured Cabling

  • Structured cabling systems design and implementation for copper and fiber data, voice and video networks

Telco Vendor Management

  • Telecommunications Vendor Management (for voice/phone lines, internet circuits and direct point to point connectivity over a WAN or MAN)
  • Bill Analysis
  • Cost/benefit Analysis and Vendor Price Comparisons
  • Installation, migration and ongoing management of vendor solutions
  • Design of building demarcation points


  • Wireless Network Design and Installation
  • Core Network Design and Installation
  • vLAN design and traffic prioritization
  • Centralized Management
  • Guest Network / Hotspots

Security Camera Systems

  • Indoor and Outdoor HD Camera solutions
  • Integrated DVR solutions

Door Access Control

  • Integrated door access control systems
  • Keyfob, biometric, and code based single or multi-factor security
  • Integration design with other building systems (fire, security, etc.)
  • Multi-door, multi-site with centralized management
DLC Services Overview

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