HIPAA Solutions

If you are a healthcare organization, and fall under HIPAA’s definitions as a Covered Entity or Business Associate, then you are legally bound to be compliant with HIPAA.  DLC’s founders started their careers in healthcare IT, and DLC itself has a large percentage of customers that are covered entities.  As such, DLC is a business associate and fully complies with HIPAA internally. (See more here on DLC’s compliance.)

Much to our surprise, we find that almost no covered entity we encounter (in the non-hospital provider space) is actually compiling with HIPAA!  To that end, we have partnered with a premier HIPAA compliance organization to offer a low-cost suite of HIPAA compliance services.

The turnkey HIPAA compliance solution includes everything you will need to start your internal compliance program, including:

Thorough Risk Assessment

Performed annually with your staff’s assistance complete a risk assessment and remediation plan.
Includes threat analysis and risk determination
Satisfies a core requirement for meaningful use

HIPAA Security Training

Training for employees thorough online videos
Online compliance testing
Retrain on an annual basis
Built-in compliance reports

HIPAA Policies and Procedures

Employee access to policies and procedures
Videos explaining policies
Prewritten policy templates

HIPAA Compliance Portal

Centralized access to critical HIPAA documents, including:
– policies and procedures
– incedent response
– Business Associates
– Access disaster plans
This creates an automated “Book of Evidence”

Low Cost

Annual cost based on number of employees
If a DLC Managed plan customer, costs are incorporated in monthly plan fees

Is DLC HIPAA Compliant?

DLC works to maintain HIPAA compliance in both our internal processes and in our recommendations to our healthcare customers. Below are some of the specific processes we continually employ and refine:

  • Maintain internal HIPAA compliance complete with identified Security and Privacy Officers, internal procedures, periodic reviews, annual risk assessments, remediation plans, employee annual education, and technical safeguards such as device/data encryption.
  • Review all components of our service offerings to ensure that they adhere to HIPAA requirements for security and privacy safeguards, and that all third-party vendors follow similar practices and will abide by HIPAA and HITECH and sign a BAA.
  • Continually evaluate the technology landscape with HIPAA compliance as the minimum requirement for data security and management.

Will DLC sign a BAA? (Business Associate Agreement)

Absolutely! DLC has been signing BAA’s since the start of HIPAA and will review and execute your BAA. If a BAA is not provided to us, we will send you our BAA for completion. In any case, if you are a Covered Entity, we will establish a properly formatted BAA before any PHI exposures are commenced.

Further, we require BAA’s between DLC and all of our subcontractors and vendors that work with PHI.

Learn how DLC can help you with your own HIPAA compliance.

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