Datto SIRIS Backup… the best thing since sliced bread

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Ok, so I may be a little too excited… but it is for good reason. We have been searching for years for a cost-effective product for small businesses to achieve both solid backups and offsite disaster recovery. To date, we have assembled these solutions on our own, with a combination of backup devices, software and in most cases, human intervention. (You know, where someone on your staff has to swap a drive or a tape every week and store it offsite?)

We all know the challenges with those backup methods. Primarily, the backup swaps don’t really happen. If they do, the media is rarely ever actually taken offsite for disaster recovery. (We usually find the backup media sitting right next to the server… Don’t worry, we aren’t naming names!) In that case if your building suffered physical loss, such as fire or flood, everything would be gone. Forever.

Even if that media was safely offsite somewhere (a bank, your home, another office, etc.) in the event of a full disaster the recovery time is lengthy and the process complex! We would need to procure hardware, and in most cases configure the new hardware, load the OS, load the backup software, and then restore. After that, (especially if we have different hardware) we would need to cleanup drivers and other errors after the restore. It is a mess, and the recovery could take days, depending on a number of factors.

I know some of you are asking – ‘Dont they plan for this? Can’t it be streamlined?’ and of course we do, and yes, it can. But my 20+ years of expereince here tells me that it rarely goes as planned. Backups are corrupted, hardware not available or functioning, changes happened that no one knew about, etc… Recovery from a disaster is a crap shoot from a time perspective.

So, why are we talking about this, and why is Darren excited?
After all our searching we found Datto’s SIRIS product. This product combines the best in backup software with a custom built hardware device, and a nationwide network of data centers to create a completely self-contained, fully integration backup and disaster recovery solution. It works with Macs and Windows, servers, desktops, and NAS devices. Most importantly, the backups are extremely fast and can occur as often as every 15 minutes! Offsite syncing of data is very configurable (defaults to once per day), and is also fast since it only syncs the changes – not all the data each time.

For disaster recovery, the SIRIS solution has the unique ability to actually become your file server! When your server fails, we literally press a button on the Datto device to virtualize your most recent backup, and boot it on your network. Your users are online in a matter of minutes! In the case of a total disaster (where the server and Datto device were both lost) a call to Datto support is placed, and your server is similarly booted in the cloud! Once we connect various VPN tunnels to the cloud, your users can be up in a matter of hours (or more depending on the complexity of the network setup).

Ok… Now for the best part! It is extremely affordable! DLC has packaged this solution so that there is minimal upfront cost, and then a monthly fee for the entire solution with no contract!

Please contact me directly if you are interested…. Everyone should be using this and at these package prices, everyone can!