Complete IT Services

The Comprehensive IT Solution
Our Managed service plan is our premier offering, incorporating not only routine technology support but everything your business needs to maximize its value in IT and overall profitability.
The root of our service is a best practices approach coupled with a proven process of continual refinement, evaluation, budgeting, and management of all facets of technology in your business.

Complete Ownership
DLC takes full responsibility for all facets of Information Technology for your company.  We work as a part of your business’ leadership team to ensure the technology is always available and appropriate to move your business forward.

Masterful Process


We go far beyond a few technicians in an office.  We are a talented group of diversified consultants, engineers and other professionals following a strict process.

The graphic highlights the major functional areas of our process and how each interrelates.

Notice what happens in all areas has a defined path back to your assigned Network Admin and Virtual CIO? This ensures the entire team is working together from the same set of standards, goals, budgets and documentation.

Included Components
The plan is custom-created for your business based on its particular needs and requirements.  For example, for a HIPAA covered entity, HIPAA compliance services and staff annual training would be included automatically.  Beyond any special needs, there are some foundational services, technologies, and protections built in to all the plans. 


Executive IT Management

(Also known as “Virtual CIO”)

Periodic business reviews
Annual budgeting
Comprehensive vendor management
Technology advisory services

Proactive Management

24×7 Automated Monitoring / Management
Managed systems updates/patches
Health/Log Reviews


24×7 Unlimited Remote and On-site Support

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Hourly backup of all critical servers and workstations
Offsite backups daily
All backups are encrypted
Daily automated restore tests
Resume operations after most failures within 30 minutes
Resume operations within 4 hours after a total disaster


Firewall and network security management
Website access control and reporting
Anti-virus/anti-malware for all devices
Real-time anti-malware filtering
Email inbound anti-spam and anti-virus solution
Outbound email encryption

Secure Cloud File Sharing

Secure Cloud File sharing
Access corporate data from virtually any device
Extend in-house file server shares to the cloud

Contracts and Investment
Our fully managed service plan provides all of your company’s support needs for a fixed monthly fee.  Project work (that is work for anything that is “new”) is typically priced separately at a firm, fixed fee rate per project.  However, project work can be included in the flat monthly rate if desired.



No Lengthy Contracts. Happiness Guaranteed.

Managed contracts are month to month. Cancel with 30 days notice if not satisfied.

Predictable Expenses

Flat monthly fee billing for unlimited support.
Projects are additional but are typically pre-budgeted at a fixed cost.
Projects can be incorporated into the fixed monthly fee for most companies.
Quarterly technology and business reviews, coupled with annual budgeting eliminates surprises.

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