Cloud Solutions for Business

Everyone by now has heard of the “Cloud” – and some are anxiously adopting cloud solutions to realize the dream of lower costs, increased agility and shared risk. However cloud solutions – just like any other technology project or business venture – must be adopted with careful planning to ensure the realization of the anticipated benefits.

By partnering with DLC, your company will benefit from the advice and counsel of technology experts. Creating a custom blend of cloud (and in some cases, non-cloud) solutions that truly will make your business thrive.

Our team continuously scours the marketplace for cloud partners and products that meet the high standards that we believe all businesses require. Our portfolio of recommended cloud solutions are made up of vendors and products that have:

  • Met DLC’s company stability standards
  • Met DLC’s security standards (including HIPAA compliance)
  • Have a product that has passed our usability testing on Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android platforms
  • Are fully supported by DLC’s in-house LIVE support team

Once you engage DLC as your IT partner we can help you develop the best cloud strategy for your business.

Learn how you can use IT excellence to move your business ahead. 

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